School Profile

Stella Maris Catholic Primary School is situated just outside the heart of the city of Burnie. We have a tradition of Catholic Education spanning 154 years in the Burnie community. The values of the Mercy Sisters remain central to our school. Our school is a double stream school with two of each grade level from Kindergarten to Grade Six. We have a total of 433 students this year and 48 staff members.

Our students enjoy the full range of curriculum choices with a strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. The arts are highly valued as a means for students to find out more about themselves and their world.

 We value and celebrate the diversity of our school community. We take a shared responsibility, based on Gospel values, for the wellbeing of each member of our community. Working together we ensure that each person can continue to learn in a safe and supportive environment. This allows us all to be challenged to reach our potential.