Parent Involvement

Our school provides quality education that supports parents in their role as the prime educators of their children. Parents are invited to be actively involved in assisting in classroom activities and all aspects of school community life from Kindergarten through to Grade 6.

We welcome parents to be actively involved in assisting in classroom activities and engaging in the School Community. Stella Maris acknowledges the connection between home and school, and supports parents who are prime educators of their children. 

Parents and Friends

At present there is no Parents and Friends Association actively representing our school.

In 2022 the school sought guidance from Catholic Education advisors from the Governance, Policy and Research Directorate to consider and alternate model to traditional P & F. This was due to existing challenges in fulfilling key executive roles and alignment with the formal P & F Constitution.

Nationally, this has become a common theme due to shifts in the needs and dynamics of family and school life. A Parent Engagement Group is an alternate option for schools that focuses on family engagement in student learning to strengthen the partnership between home and school.

A core purpose of the PEG is to bring together parents, students and staff in a spirit of collaboration and close cooperation. 

In partnership with the School's Advisory Board we are excited to begin this process in re-establishing a parent group for the school to support our home, school and parish connections.

Progression updates will be be provided in due course.

We thank families and the community for patience and understanding as we consider and navigate this period of change.

Working with Vulnerable People

New laws designed to reduce the likelihood of harm and create safer environments for all children and vulnerable people have been enacted in Tasmania. The Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act 2013 (the Act) makes it compulsory for many people who associate with children and other vulnerable people to be registered to Work with Vulnerable People. To comply with the Act, Catholic Education in Tasmania (CET) requires School Support employees, volunteers and external providers to be registered to Work with Vulnerable People.

For further information about registration and the application process, please visit the Catholic Education Tasmania website.