Wellbeing at Stella - we want all at Stella to feel safe, happy and loved so we can learn.

Shared Responsibility

We have a shared responsibility for each other. First and fore-most we look to Jesus as a role model for how to treat ourselves and others. We use the Making Jesus Real (MJR) program throughout the school to explicitly teach this.

We specifically teach "Wellbeing" for all classes. We use the Peacful Kids program which helps children to build their emotional resilience, so they are better equipped to deal with day to day stresses that life brings them.

Mrs Jones

Our pastoral care worker, Mrs Heather Jones, works closely with individuals, groups of students and families who may need some extra assistance from time to time.

Heather runs the Rainbows Program for students who are experiencing a time of grief. Heather also forms part of the team which leads us in our Peaceful Kids Program.

We also have a counsellor who works with students that need more guidance, support and counselling for their own wellbeing.

Learning Support Team

Our two Student Support Co-ordinators (Mrs Sue Drane and Mrs Abbey Walters) work closely with teachers to plan for students who require extra assistance accessing the curriculum in the classroom or intervention. Learning plans are developed in partnership with families and health care professionals where needed.