At Stella Maris Catholic School we support students by creating learning environments that foster positive relationships built on the Gospel values. We seek to provide a system that will support students’ efforts to manage their own behaviour and promote academic achievement. An effective behaviour support system is a proactive, positive, skill-building approach to the teaching and learning of successful student behaviour. Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) systems ensure effective strategies that promote prosocial behaviour and respectful learning environments. Our School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) Matrix is focused on three core expectations - We are Safe, We are Respectful and We are Responsible. This matrix is used to support the modelling and teaching of positive, proactive social behaviours across the school environment. When responding to behaviour to Stella Maris staff apply the Stella Maris Behaviour Management Flowchart. As required we implement restorative practices that promote student reflection and learning and work in partnership with parents.
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