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Vision and Mission

As a Mercy school, Stella Maris embraces the challenge to empower young people to play a vital role in the world of the future. The Mercy mission demands a particular commitment to the life of Jesus Christ. As upholders of this mission, we as educators are called upon to find new and creative ways in which to meet the challenges of today's complex society, and where academic excellence, acceptable behaviour and full student participation are fostered within a community.

Through the curriculum, our students are given the opportunity to become equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate learning now and in the future.

Our staff strive to ensure that students witness quality, equity and justice and always feel secure and safe in the school environment. All students are given opportunities to experience success, and are encouraged to reach their full potential as valued members of society regardless of their level of ability.

Staff endeavour to recognize the value and dignity of all people in the school community, and to promote positive interaction between themselves, parents, administrators and friends.