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Our School Chaplain

Stella Maris provides the supporting role of a School Pastoral Worker / Chaplain. Working together with families we offer a welcoming place to talk to and support children who may be experiencing family changes, anxieties or perhaps the death of a loved one.

Mrs Heather Jones has been a staff member for several years at Stella Maris and has been working as our Chaplain in more recent years. Heather also has a qualification as a trained counsellor.

To complement this role we also run several programs, one being "Rainbows" which guides children through life's storms. This program runs once a year over a twelve week period.

We also offer other programs involving emotional awareness in children who at times experience extreme feelings and need extra help and strategies to enjoy childhood, learning and friendships.

As a "whole school community" we all need one another to help live life in a full and happy way - to do this we all need a helping hand at times and support from those around us.